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Search help

Includes: Searching methods, quick reports, WebActive updating. When searching consigned works the results will you the Customer when you mouse over the item in the search results.

Search Methods

  1. Go to [Search]
  2. Enter the type of information you wish to search in any or all of the following fields
  3. A minimum of one character is required to start a search:
    • Catalog No (any part of the catalogue number)
    • Title
    • Artist (any part of their name)
    • Story
    • Size/Medium
  4. Select a specific Category if required
  5. Adjust the Sale Price range
  6. Choose the Status, if required
  7. Click [Search]
  8. You can change the number of artworks displayed on the page by changing the dropdown list at the bottom of the grid
  9. You can sort the results by clicking the column header(and clicking again to reverse the order)

Quick reports from Search

  1. Use the above Search method to find the works you wish to report on
  2. Select the works you would like to report on by checking the far right box next to the work
  3. You will see once you select a few works that a [Selected] button appears
  4. Once you have repeated steps 1-2 for all the works you can click [Selected]
  5. Choose the report that best fits your needs

WebActive updating

  1. Select the works you would like to change its WebActive status by checking the far right box next to the work
  2. Then click [+WA] to make WebActibe or click [-WA] to remove WebActive
  3. It will ask you to confirm

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