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SAM Introduction and Instructions

Add an Artist

Add Artist History 

Add Artwork

Add an Edition

Add a Collaboration

Add Products - Art Centre Purchase

 Add Products - Artist Commission

Search and Edit an Artist

View, print & email an Artist's Biography

Search Artworks

Edit & Delete Artworks

Artwork Promotions

Print and Email an Artwork Certificate

Search Products

Add, Search, Edit & Delete Customers

Add a Consginment

Edit, Print, Email & View Consignments

Turn a Consignment into a Sale

Add to Artist's Exhibitions if artworks are consigned

Return work from Consignment

Add a Sale

Search & Edit a Sale

Search & Pay an Invoice or Lay-by

Print & Email Sales Receipts, Invoices & Lay-bys

Search an Artist's Account

Pay an Artist, Advances on Artwork and Money Transfer

Credit an Artist's Account and delete payment

Purchase Orders





Art Centre Details

Accounts & Category Set-up

Sale Factors


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