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Art Centre Tracking Tool

NB: Updating Art Centre tracking tool data and viewing reports can only be done if you have agreed to the of the Art Centre Tracking Tool SLA first. 

Reporting on Tracking Tool data

  1. Go to: [Reports] 
  2. Either search for ZAC or go to the Manager box and you will see them all listed starting with ZAC...
  3. Click the report you would like to view and specify any criteria required.

Updating Tracking Tool data

NB: SAM data is based on your exported history, so you need to have exported in SAM. We then process this data out of office hours 2-4 times a year or as required, which then populates the majority of the reports.
  1. Go to: [Reports]
  2. Click [Audit Information]
  3. Click the [...] at the end of the year you wish to update
  4. This will now let update data by Financial Year. This will automatically split the data across the 4 quarters for you, alternatively you can update each quarter directly via the 1,2,3 and 4 at the bottom. Note: Use only one method as they both overwrite the other.
  5. Click [Save]

Explanations for Financial Report Information
Title Where this information is gathered from within your Financial Audit Report
Grant Income All grants provided to the art centre.
Other Income Includes bank interest, donations, sale of an asset etc.  Any income not from sales or grants.
Total Income The art centre’s total income, including total sales (not just the commission income).
Wages  Employee wages plus superannuation, workers compensation and any holiday/long service leave allocations.
Art Materials Art materials. 
Travel Costs Travel costs: flights, accommodation, disbursements etc.
Vehicle Costs Vehicle maintenance, registration and insurance costs.
Depreciation Depreciation.
Profit/Loss Your profit or loss for the year, sometimes shown as surplus/deficit.  Calculated from total income minus total expenses.
Other Expenses Total of all expenses other than wages, art materials, travel costs, vehicle costs and depreciation.
Total Expenses The art centre’s total expenses (including artist payments, that is, the artist’s commission).
Baseline Income  This is not on your audit report. 
This is the baseline income for an individual in your community and helps to show how important art sales are to people’s financial wellbeing. 

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