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Artwork Images

This feature is to allow bulk uploading of images into SAM. You have to already have catalogued and activated the artworks. This works for adding images to existing catalogued works.
It will try and match file names of the images to choose the catalogue numbers of artworks already in SAM. If you pre-name your images to the catalogue numbers then it will find them. 
NB: this will not overwrite images already in SAM, but it will make them the default image.

Add Artwork Images
  1. Go [Catalogue] > [Add Artwork Images]
  2. Click [Select Files]
  3. Go to the folder your images are located in and select multiple images or just 1.
  4. Click [Open]
  5. The preview will add to page and if a match was found the catalogue number will be selected. 
  6. You can [Select files] again and again until you have select all images from any number of folders.
  7. Update all the empty or incorrect Catalogue# fields, by typing the correct catalogue number and selecting from the list.
  8. If there are images you don't want just leave the catalogue# field blank.
  9. Once all done click [Process]
  10. Images will be saved to the selected catalogue numbers.

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