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Email Subject Builder

This feature allows you to create custom email subjects for some or all pages in SAM.
You can set one or none. if you don't set anything for a page it will continue to use the default format.
If you make a mistake then just delete that line and the default will be used.

Adding and editing Email Subjects

  1. Click the [+] to add new Subject. Only add for the email subjects you want to change.
  2. Choose a subject Location to edit, eg "Artist {#ArtistName}". [Note: the {with words in them} these are used for adding dynamic content like the {#ArtistName} = the current Artists name.]
  3. Type the text you would like in the Subject field, eg Red Lakes Art Centre - Artists info of {#ArtistName}.
    NB: {#ReportName} is the name on the page given to the report eg. Certificates or artwork page.
  4. Click [Save]
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