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SAM Learning Portal

How to use the SAM Learning Portal

 1.    Login to the Learning Portal via one of these options –

· - set up an email address as the login (needs to not have been used in the portal previously or it remembers the settings)

·        Log into SAM– click on (top right hand corner under login name).

 2.    The learner will be automatically enrolled into 4 courses:

·        All About Artists

·        All About Artworks

·        All About Products

·        All About Sales

Each course is made up of modules that go through each task within the course step by step.

 Watch, Try then Exit each module to ensure that it is completed and then use the next module button to move on through the course. 

These are the general rules for use:

  • Only use one person per sign in to the Learning Portal (as it remembers what people have completed previously and needs to be completed sequentially)
  • If using the SAM Learning Portal via only use this for the same staff member and only once
  • If a new staff member takes up a role and you provide them with a new login also provide them with a new SAM Learning Portal login if appropriate

You need to use a unique email in the portal. If it has been used previously with a staff member you will require a different email, such as personal email, for the portal.




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