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Adding Documents to Artwork information

This is for attaching Word, Excel or PDF documents to an artwork information page. There is a max size of 1MB.

Add or Replacing Documents

NB: choosing a new file where a file already exists, will replace that old file, once you save.
  1. Go [Search], Select [Search Artwork]
  2. Select the Artwork.
  3. Click [Edit]
  4. Click the [+] next to the [Document 1 or 2] fields and it will prompt you to choose a file. Choose the file you want to attach here.
  5. The name of the file will auto fill into the Title area left of the plus. You can type over this to create a new title.
  6. Click [Save]
Now you can click the title next to the [Document 1 or 2] and it will open your document.

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