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Changing Security Roles for access

Changing Security access

All security is controlled by Security Roles in the Staff details page.

By default each Art Centre has one Security role setup for them. This will give access to generally all features in SAM.
Managers by default have more features like deleting and a full admin section.

So to reduce access for a user or group you need to:
  1. Go to the [+] at the bottom of Security Roles and from the left list of security Roles choose the role all staff are using.
  2. Then from the right top click [copy].
  3. This will create a copy of that role.
  4. Give it a new name if only adding something to the end of the name like " no Accounts access"
  5. Then from the 2nd column uncheck the areas you don't want the user or group to access. Like "menu > accounts"
  6. Click [Save]
  7. Go back to Staff List and choose the staff you want to apply this new security role too and edit their details and uncheck the old Security role and click the new security role which you just created. If you don't uncheck the old role it will not work.
  8. Next time the user logs in they will have the reduce access.

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