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Labels, Barcodes and Scanners

You can apply barcodes to Artworks and Products and then use a barcode scanner to make consignments, sales and stocktake easier.

How do you want to use them? 

There are many options in SAM with how barcodes can be applied.

The most common for Artworks is to produce based on Tagged works.

  • all artworks when catalogued are Tagged and so once added to SAM are on the Tagged list, you can then create labels linked to this. Once printed you can click the [Remove Tags] buttons in Add artwork page.

Another way is to print individual artwork labels, this can work well when using a label printer. This can be also included the above.

Product labels are simpler as they don’t have unique numbers, we can create labels for Products and you print how many you want of each.

What you need:

  • Printer that can handle labels, either A4 Avery like label sheets or a label printer, the later can save time and labels as you may not always be able to fill your A4 label sheets.
  • If you want a label printer there are many to choose from, nothing stands out as better but we have found most work best on Windows, however they can work on Mac too.
  • You need a label size, make sure they are big enough to fit all the details on. Also note that if you want a barcode it has to be big enough for the barcode to be readable for the scanner. 60mm x 40mm is a good size.
  • What are you going to put on the label? Anything that is in SAM can go on a label if there is room. We have had artists images and Art Centre logos.
  • You need to create a mock-up of the label so we can create the labels for you.
  • Once we create the labels you must test the labels are correct and have the correct pricing and if using a barcodes make sure the scanner can read the barcode.
  • You can get a scanner, like label printers there are many and the cheapest USB cabled ones are generally the best.

Labels don’t have to be sticky, some Art Centres print on thick paper which have back and front sides. These can be used like swing tags.

To gt any help with set up of the above contact

For the purchase of a barcode scanner most will work with a USB input. If you want more info contact

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