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Add Artwork Editions

Add artwork editions

Tip: Cataloguing editions uses the same initial cataloguing process as a standard artwork
Tip: The format for cataloguing editions should be set in [Admin] > [Catalog No. Format]
  1. Go to: [Catalogue] > select [Add Artwork/Add Artwork (Medium)]  
  2. Click [+] at the bottom left of the grid to enter a new artwork
  3. Type at least three letters to search artist names – then select
  4. Leave (or amend) catalogue number (SAM will recall last number used)
  5. Select Edition category, then enter details (Edition categories are special categories)
  6. Either type at least three letters to search Sizes – then select, or add your own (not recommended with Price manager)
  7. Check [Purchase] – if the art centre is to buy the work from the artist
    • If purchasing then enter a purchase price after checking [Purchase] box
  8. Enter a sale amount (SalesFactor of 1 price)
  9. Then enter Title and Story details, these are editable here
  10. Select web active [Web] if the work is to go online (sale amount must be entered)
  11. Insert image: click [+], browse, select, edit and add image, wait
  12. Click [Save] – this means that the data is secure – but that the works are not active yet, but also now you can add the Edition part
  13. Click the [E] icon at the end of the line of the Saved draft artwork
    1. Enter the Total number of the edition
    2. Choose one of the following:
    3. Click [OK]. This will auto save to draft
      • Range: if you are cataloguing less works than the total edition
      • Even: if you are cataloguing all the even numbered works
      • Odd: if you are cataloguing all the odd numbered works
      • All: whole edition
  14. Click [Activate] when you are ready for these works to be available in SAM

Finding and editing artwork editions

  1. Go to: [Catalogue] >, select [Artworks Maintenance]
  2. In the Catalogue No field, enter at least three numbers, then select the required artwork
  3. Click [Edit] to add new or amend data.
  4. To change or add an image click the [+] at the bottom of the Artwork Images box in the centre of the page, click [+] next to the image, then choose your image and wait for it to finish uploading.
  5. Click [Save Edition]
  6. Prompted to confirm. NB: This action will overwrite Title, Medium, Story, Size, Price, Web Category and Images in all related artworks.


Tip: You can only delete unsold and un-consigned artworks
  1. Find the work you wish to delete
  2. Click [Delete] to remove an artwork
  3. Confirm delete when the alert pops up
There is no quick way to delete the whole Edition.  

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