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Add Artist Exhibitions from Consignment

Add to Artist Exhibitions from Consignment page

1.    Go to: [Search], select [Consignments]

2.    Find the Consignment by Selecting a customer by scrolling through the list, or search (enter a minimum of 3 letters and then hit [Enter]) in the ‘Search’ window – then select the customer (or further refine the search)

3.    Go to: [Artist Exhibitions] in the top right hand corner

4.    Enter/Update the exhibition description and details and select a date

5.    Select the type of exhibition for each of the artists respectively

6.    Tick the box beside the artist to add/update the exhibition to their Artist History

7.    Un-tick the box beside the artist to remove the exhibition from their Artist History

8.    Click [Save] to Add/Update the exhibition

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