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Add QR code to an Artwork

New: QR web preview Report
Please note; It can take several hours for the system to "recognise" a new QR code has been added. And if any changes need to be made for the correct content to be displayed on your QR code page, SAM Tech Support needs to update the database. To minimize/avoid having to rely on SAM Tech Support, a new "QR web preview" report has been added so that you can proof read your QR pages before being added to the database. Follow the steps below to most efficiently add a new QR Code to a new artwork.
  1. Add a new product. Go to Catalogue > Add Artwork (Medium) and catalogue the artwork as per usual
  2. Edit all details and ensure they are accurate. Do not yet tick the QR Code checkbox.
  3. Save the artwork.
  4. Preview your artwork as it will be viewed on the QR website by clicking on QR web preview in the Reports list to the right of the page.
  5. Ensure that all details are correct and display how you would like them to.
    1. If you need to edit, repeat steps 2 to 5 or
    2. If you are confident, continue to step 6
  6. Locate the QR Code checkbox and tick it to turn it on.
  7. Save
It will take several hours for your QR code to now display on the live website. If it hasn't after 24 hours, please contact SAM Tech Support.

If you use QR coes for all of your artworks, then you might benefit from a seperate cataloguing page, see;
Add QR code to an Artwork when cataloguing (alternative option for advanced users)

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