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How to delete / cancel / edit an exported Invoice

If you don’t have the Edit option on the Invoice or Receipt page and the box “Exported” is checked, you can`t change the sales details.

You will have to create a Credit Memo for the transaction and then you will have to create a new Invoice/Receipt with the correct information.

Creating a Credit Memo:

  1. You will only be able to create a credit memo for fully paid and exported sales.
  2. Even If the sale hasn’t been paid yet, you will have to enter the full amount as a payment before creating a Credit Memo.
  3. Click on [Sales/Receipt] > [Add a Credit Memo].
  4. Click on [Transaction].
  5. Search for the transaction to be credited.
  6. All the items showing up on the screen will be put back in Stock/Artist Stock, if you want to credit just a selection of works you can right click on the lines you want to remove and click on the little “Delete”.
  7. Click on [Save].

Now the credited items are back in stock and it can be sold again.

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