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Overview, requirements and updates help

Includes: System requirements for SAM?, What to do when SAM has an update?

Tips: The following video gives you a general look at SAM, note that all forms have a [help] button which will give you help relating to that page.

What are the system requirements for SAM?

  • SAM is designed with the latest web technologies, so the latest web browsers are required.
  • FireFox 8+
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • YouTube video's are used in the help
  • JavaScript and Cookies should be enabled on your choosen browser (this is normally the default setting).
  • PageSetup of your browser should have all Headers and Footers set to -none-, this keeps your reports clear of unwanted text
  • Automating the resizing of images, this help link can save a lot of time preparing images for SAM
  • (optional) Adobe Flash player is required to use one of the reporting views.

What to do when SAM has an update?

  • SAM uses update methods that trick your browser into getting the latest version when it’s out, but sometimes if there are issues just logout and back in, this will tell your computer to clean up the cookies and get fresh ones

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