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Credit Memo help

Includes: What is Credit Memo? How should Credit Memo be used? Adding a Credit Memo.

What is Credit Memo and how should it be used?

  • Credit Memo is used for crediting and returning a sale that has been exported, we don't allow credits of non exported sales this stops users editing the sale that was credited. Also sales have to be fully paid beforehand (Invoices and Lay-bys).
    • All items will be returned to stock
    • Artists and Art Centre accounts will be debited to reflect the reversal of the sale
    • Transaction information will be exported

Add a Credit Memo

  • Go to: [Sales], select [Add Credit Memo]
  • Click [Transaction]
  • Choose the export date of the sale that is to be credited
  • Select the sale
  • Delete any sale items that are not being returned or credited
    • If you need to delete an item, click [-] at the end of the line
  • Click [Save]

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