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Artwork Promotion help

Includes: Adding and searching promotions.

Adding Promotion

  1. Go to[Search] find the works you wish to promote
  2. On the right side of each of the artworks you would like to promote check the box to select the work
  3. You can repeat steps 1 to 2 for more works
  4. Once you have selected all the works click [Promotion] on the top right corner
  5. Add the first 3 letters of a customer’s name, then select the customer, (if they are not there you will need to add them first [Sales] > [Add Customer])
  6. If the customer has an email, it will be automatically added
  7. Enter a Subject for the Promotion, this will appear in the emails subject
  8. Enter a message for the email body
  9. Select the correct [Sale Type] to factor the price correctly
  10. Click [Send], this will send an email with the selected works

Search a Promotion

  1. Go to [Search] > [Promotions]
  2. Enter criteria to meet your search request then click the [Search] button
  3. Click the Promotion from the list to view results

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