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Art Centre help

Includes: Art Centre details

Art Centre details

  • Go to: [Admin] > select [Art Centre details and setup]
  • Art Centre details are linked to most reports and forms, they should be changed sparingly
  • Editing and then saving will exit you from the form
  • [Get New GUID] changes the address to the SAM Protal (web gallery), do this only if required
  • Cat. No format (catalogue number format) - sets what is accepted in cataloguing for numbering
  • PayPal email - is for those that wish to use the portal for direct purchases via PayPal, please contact SAM for more details
  • Portal Path - is the address to use if you would like to link the portal to your website
  • Portal terms - are the terms displayed at the end of a enquiry/purchase from your website portal
  • Logo should be samll (50-100kB) as they are displayed on all certificates and will slow down the loading if too large

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