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Artwork Sizes help

Includes: Explanation, adding and editing. 


  • Size Code - this creates a link to the Price manager, fewer codes the simpler it is to manage, also try and keep codes together eg. 100 x 50 should have the same code as 75 x 75 and 50 x 100 etc (number only)
  • UpFront $ - is the suggested Advance payment of this artwork size, this is used in payment advances on individual artworks


  1. Go to: [Admin] > [Artwork Sizes]
  2. Click [+] at the bottom left of the grid
  3. Must enter a description at least
  4. Click [Save]


  1. Go to: [Admin] > [Artwork Sizes]
  2. Modify any of the list as required
  3. Click [Save]

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