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Sale Factors help

Includes: Explanation, examples, adding and editing.


  • Default - sets this as the default factor for sales, this should be the most common sale type you use. If you primarily sell at retail then you should set the sale type to Retail.
  • Portal - sets this as the gallery portal factor for online sales, normally this will be Retail type.
  • Factor - is the figure at which the base price should be factored when selecting this Sale Type in sales or purchases. You will always need to have one of your type's set to 1 and this should almost always be the default sale type. So what you enter into the system is what you commonly sell for.
  • Sale Type - name for the factor figure, this is a selection list of Purchase, Retail, Direct, Wholesale and Gallery. You are required just one, you can have all of them but less is better as it simplifies the process.


  • Retail as the default Sale Factor
An Art Centre that sells primarily to the public or direct via online sales should set their Default to Retail and its sales factor to 1, it should also be the checked as Portal. They might like to add a Wholesale at 0.6 so that when they sell to a gallery SAM will mark the price down.

  • Wholesale as the default Sale Factor
An Art Centre that sells primarily to galleries should set their Default to either Wholesale or Gallery and its sales factor to 1, it then should set another sales factor to Retail and this should be factor of 1.666 or 2, whichever matches the markup when selling to the public, this sales factor should also have the Portal checked.


  1. Go to: [Admin] > [Sale Factors]
  2. Click [+] at the bottom left of the grid
  3. Check [Default] only once
  4. Enter the Factor figure, this should be a decimal only eg. 1 or 1.45 or 0.5
  5. Choose a Sales Type to match your figure (if you need more Sale Type's contact SAM)
  6. Click [Save]


  1. Go to: [Admin] > [Sale Factors]
  2. Modify any of the list as required
  3. Click [Save]

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