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Shopping Cart help

Includes: Explanation and finalising sale.


  • Shopping cart shows all active web portal transaction with PayPal
  • These transactions range in status from "In Progress", "Checking Out", "Paid" and "Shipped"

Finalising Sale

  1. Go to: [Admin] > [Shopping Carts]
  2. Choose from the dropdown "Paid", this filters the below list to show you only paid transactions
  3. Select the from the left hand list the transaction you wish to deal with
  4. On the right now you will see all the works purchased in that sale
  5. Click [PayPal] link, this will show you customer details and purchase options like shipping
  6. Now you need to generate the sale in normal fashion while following the above details (the best way is to open the sale in a new window/tab)
  7. Once processed you can click [Complete]

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