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Staff help

Includes: Explanation, adding and editing.


  • Staff Details - this should be filled in as much as possible, particularly email as this is used for sending promotions and invoices etc
  • Date Employed - has to be before they start using SAM otherwise they will not be able to login
  • Date Terminated - this is the date that the staff member will finish in their role. It is important to put in a date here if a staff member is no-longer working in your business. That way they will not have access by their current login and password.
  • Security Roles - these are used to hide fields on the artists form so unrelated details are not been requested
  • Security Roles (System manganer) - the System manganer role needs to be checked for all managers other wise they can't access the admin pages


  1. Go to: [Admin] > [Staff List]
  2. Click [+] at the bottom left of the grid
  3. On the Staff maintenance form you can now enter all the staff details
  4. Select the security role that matches the staff's role and Art centre
  5. Click [Save]


  1. Go to: [Admin] > [Staff List]
  2. Search or select Staff member from list
  3. On the Staff maintenance, click [Edit] and modify any details
  4. Click [Save]

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