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This site is designed to help you find answers to your SAM questions as well as give you the opportunity to suggest new ideas for SAM and vote of other users ideas.

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  1. Accounts 

    1. Artist Accounts help
    2. How to pay an artist for non-catalogued works?
    3. How to pay copyright / royalties to an artist
    4. How to add a purchase order to the artist account
    5. How to complete a purchase order
  2. Admin 

    1. Admin & Password help
    2. Art Centre help
    3. Accounts General & Category help
    4. Email Subject Builder
    5. Staff help
  3. Artists 

    1. Artists Information help
    2. Artists History - Exhibitions Collection - help
    3. How to add items to Country, Mother Country, Father Country, Birth Place and Outstation?
    4. How to add Skin, Language and Exhibition details to artist profile (Biography)
    5. Adding Videos & External Reports for Artists
  4. Artworks 

    1. Artwork Information help
    2. Search help
    3. Artwork Promotion help
    4. Uploading images stopped working
    5. How do I change the catalogue number?
  5. Cataloguing 

    1. Add Artwork help
    2. Add Artwork & Advances help
    3. Add prints/editions
    4. Artwork Images
    5. Adding Edition that is a Collaboration
  6. Collections 

    1. Collection help
    2. Collection Search
  7. Consignments 

    1. Consignments help
  8. Digital Labelling 

    1. Setting up/editing your QR code page
    2. Add QR code to a Product
    3. Add QR code to an Artwork
    4. Add QR code to an Artwork when cataloguing (alternative option for advanced users)
  9. General 

    1. Training Videos
    2. How do I open pages in more than one tab?
    3. How do I open multiple windows?
    4. Can you let me know if there is a security setting for a login that is 'read only'
    5. Overview, requirements and updates help
  10. Products 

    1. Products help
    2. Labels, Barcodes and Scanners
    3. Merge an Artist Commission Product
  11. Reports 

    1. Reports help
    2. Search reports help
    3. Art Centre Tracking Tool
  12. Sales 

    1. Sales (Receipts) help
    2. Sales (Invoices) help
    3. Sales (Lay-bys) help
    4. Shipping details on Sales - help
    5. Credit Memo help
  13. SAM API v2 

    1. SAM API version 2
    2. Webhooks
  14. All articles 

    1. Consignments help
    2. Artist Accounts help
    3. Report viewer help
    4. Admin & Password help
    5. Clan help
    94 articles 

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